Where do Celebrities Invest? Part I

If celebrities make so much money then there should be ways by which they invest as well, right? Their ways of investment have to be more sophisticated than ours, that is very natural. Better investments mean better returns. And the celebrities have the kind of money to invest in better investments.


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So, in this piece we will be looking at some of the places where celebrities generally invest their money in. For a more detailed coverage of celebrity investments and net worth comparisons, please head towards Celebrity Net Worth websites. This is part I. Also read part II for the full list. for more click here; http://celebritynetworth.wiki

  1. Annuities: You need to learn about annuities first because it is perhaps the most undiscovered way of celebrity investment that people know about. Annuities are means of getting paid once you have invested a large sum with a financial institution over a long period of time. So, in case a celeb goes out of fashion, they can rely on their annuities (only if they set it up in the first place!).
  2. Art: More celebrities invest in art than you think. Art is a great investment because it is very safe and quite risk free if you take out the damage part out of the equation. Investing in art basically means buying high-cost art artifacts like paintings or vintage products. This can be used as a means to earn money later on if there is ever a need of dire money. Art is one of the cleanliest ways of celebrity investments.

Many of the information in this article was, with permission, derived from a very valuable resource: CelebrityNetWorth. Not only did it help us with the facts and adding those accurate figures, but it also made sure we had impeccable insight on celebrity wealth generation.