Want Curated Lists of Cool Things to Buy?

On a daily basis, we are missing out on tons of interesting and useful stuff. Even if not interesting and useful, at least exciting and fancy stuff that we could have easily grabbed (read was under the budget very comfortably). But just because we don’t have that opportunity, we lose out on it.

There are quite a few ways to go about it. For example, many online shopping portals come with daily deals or colorful and text-loaded discount landing pages. It is not quite enough, nevertheless.

There is one trick. A curation website like MugWomp.com. What MugWomp does is provide you a curated list of cool things to buy. They might be items that help you out in the kitchen or get rid of a problem that you have in your car. These small things complete your life, little by little, until your life gets a major upgrade and your gear needs overhauling as well.


So, there is this thing called “public intelligence.” It basically means taking decisions based on what the majority of people thinks. Of course, people are smart. Some more than others in the particular field in question. So, when you tap into this resource of people and average out what’s working best (in this case selling the best), you have a formidable weapon by your side.

From mainstream utilities to experimental critically useful gear – if other people curate a list for you made up of cool things to buy, you can trust that more than you can trust your own decision. Use MugWomp and your life will be eased. You can trust us on that!

Almost all of the items at display there are important in some sense. Whether they solve a problem or take care of a common mistake you often make – these items can change your life for the better.