The Pros and Cons of using Kratom

Kratom leaves are used for a lot of purposes. This South-Asian evergreen plant is known for having a lot of medicinal as well as recreational uses. Here is a list of KratomEmporium Pros and Cons:

  • Pros
  1. The leaves are used for providing relief from pain, illnesses and birth defects.
  2. They are known to help people suffering from bowel problems, respiratory distress, sleep disorders, loss of appetite.
  • They are used for recreational activities as they have a relaxing effect on the consumers of Kratom leaves.
  1. They are easy to consume and can be mixed with drinks and other recipes as the leaves are available in capsules, powder and paste.
  2. They are able to help people suffering from anxiety.
  3. They are used as a muscle relaxant and they have a soothing effect on the people.

Kratom Emporium

The leaves are used for a lot of reasons but one should be careful in their consumption because here are a few cons:

  • Cons
  1. Their hasn’t been a lot of studies or research regarding the uses of KratomEmporium.
  2. The consumption of such leaves can result in the toxicity of the liver.
  • Although some native South-Asians use the Kratom leaves for coughs and colds. Higher dosage of this plant can result in depression of the lung functions.
  1. Higher usage of the Kratom capsules or any other form has led to their addiction in many individuals.
  2. They are recognized as being illegal in many countries and are not considered to have any medicinal properties.
  3. The side-effects of frequent consumption of high dosage of Kratom can lead to nausea, itching and constipation.

The leaves of this plant are generally not recognized in many Western countries to have any benefits as they haven’t been approved by the relevant drug authority so one needs to be careful in their consumption.