Reasons Why Home Elevators Are Better Than Stair Lifts

When you have an older or a disabled person living in your house, you think of plenty of changes that could be helpful to the person. Some of which may include a railing in the shower, fixing permanent wheelchair ramps etc. But when it comes to moving from floors to floors, stairlifts and home elevators are your two ultimate options. Now, the big question is which one is better? Well, both have its own share of advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you that which one suits your needs more. But, if you ask me home elevators are a better option than stairlifts. To prove my point, I am going to list down my reasons in this article.


Why is Home Elevators Better than Stairlifts?

The reasons may include the following:

  1. It’s easier for users: Stairlifts can still be difficult for people to use. This is because you have to strap yourself and then climb onto the seat which may be hard for people with extreme disabilities. But, with a home elevator, you need not worry about any straps! Simply get into the elevator as you do in public lifts, and that’s it, you reached the next floor!


  1. It is less dangerous: When it comes to safety home elevators are undoubtedly the winner. This is because you can still fall from a stairlift but never from a home elevator.


  1. It doesn’t block the stairs: Stairlifts can be a convenient device for people who are disabled or old, but people who doesn’t use it might find it irritating because it tends to block the stairways. Well, this is not the case with a home elevator.


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