Nathaniel Laurent – father, son, business man

Nathaniel Laurent is the founder of his own business, his own web blog which tells the world his secrets about his business growth and how everyone can afford to do the same. It’s all about being confident and knowing what to do when. The world is always going to be gold mine if you know where and how to dig.

NathanielLaurent tells his readers not to worry about money. Money comes as it is. It is the root and cause of all evil. Never let money be the purpose of your work because if it is, you have nothing to live for. You will end up working for the money and money does not bring happiness.

nathaniel laurent

Work for ‘you’

Work for yourself. Be and live for yourself. Don’t let yourself down and become someone who spends day in and day out wondering about money. The greatest of artists and richest men in the world today were all on the street at one time. It takes years and a lot of devotion to the target at hand to be able to reach your goal.

Follow That Dream

You could have a big fancy job in an office on the 12th floor. But would you have time to be yourself? Nathaniel Laurent gave it all up to spend more time devoted to God, his parents and his family. You can do the same. All you have to do is want it. And work towards it. The idea cannot be broken if you have the will to pursue it.

Follow your dreams, but don’t let the dream fund your life. You need to be able to fund the dream. If you are a musician and you like what you do, don’t let the music be your drive force. Get out there and wash a car if you have to.