Features to look for a good tablet

The introduction of tablets in the market has created a new dimension in the field of gadgets. The crave is increasing in meteoric rate after the introduction of iPad in the year 2010. People prefer tablet due to its compact size with excellent touch screen facility. If you are going to buy atablet then these are some features to look for a tablet.




Things to check in a tablet

  1. Resolution and the screen size: Tablet is available in various size like the 5 inches to the 12 inches. Tablets with thesmall display are like large smartphones. Large tablets can be quite difficult to fit in small spaces like the pockets or the purse. The tablets with themid-sized display can be easily carried and are quite large to display entire page. The sharpness of the image will depend on the resolution. For enjoying movies which are HD, you will need 720 pixels which are the minimum resolution.
  2. Memory: The RAM in a tablet cannot be upgraded later. The RAM requirement will depend on how you use the tablet. For editing purpose, the minimum RAM is from 4 to 8 GB. And for watching movies, web browsing, videos and emailing you will need 1 to 4 GB.
  3. Battery life: As you are going to carry your tablets everywhere, so the battery life of them is very vital. The battery life depends on three factors which are- battery’s size, thetotal time of using atablet and the brightness. If you are not using the tablet, you can save the battery by putting it in the sleep mode.

These are some few important things to keep in mind while buying a tablet.For more information on gadgets and guide on buying gadgets, you can visit ten tipper. Visit https://tentipper.comfor more query.